Virneth Studios Privacy Policy and Cookies


From time to time, you will be asked to submit personal information about yourself (e.g. name and email address etc.) in order to receive or use services on our website.

By entering your details in the fields requested, you enable Virneth Studios (Virneth) to provide you with the services you select. Whenever you provide such personal information, we will treat that information in accordance with this policy. Virneth Studios will act in accordance with current legislation and aim to meet current Internet best practice.


When you supply any personal information to Virneth  we have legal obligations towards you in the way we deal with that data. We must collect the information fairly, that is, we must explain how we will use it (see the notices on particular WebPages) and tell you if we want to pass the information on to anyone else. In general, any information you provide to Virneth will only be used within Virneth. It will never be supplied to anyone outside Virneth without first obtaining your consent, unless we are obliged or permitted by law to disclose it. Also, if you post or send offensive or inappropriate content anywhere on or to Virneth or otherwise engage in any disruptive behavior on the Virneth website, and Virneth considers such behavior to be serious and/or repeated, then Virneth can use whatever information that is available to it about you to stop such behavior. This may include informing relevant third parties such as your employer, school or e-mail provider about the content and your behavior.

We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as you use the service you have requested, and remove it in the event that the purpose has been met. We will ensure that all personal information supplied is held securely, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

On occasions your information may be used to allow Virneth to contact you for "service administration purposes". For example, we may wish to notify you that a particular service has been suspended for maintenance. We will not contact you for promotional purposes, such as notifying you of improvements to the service or new services provided by Virneth unless you specifically agree to be contacted for such purposes at the time you submit your information on the site, or at a later time if you sign up specifically to receive such promotional information.

Access to your personal information

You have the right to request a copy of the personal information that Virneth holds about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. (We charge 20 for information requests.) Please address requests to the Data Protection Officer (Email: note - change the # to @).

Users 16 and under

If you are aged 16 or under, please get your parent/guardian's permission beforehand whenever you provide personal information to Virneth's website. Users without this consent are not allowed to provide us with personal information.


Virneth Studios does not use any form of persistent cookies that store data on your computer after you have finished browsing the Internet. There may on occasions be session data stored temporarily to allow a particular application to work, but these will not be saved permanently. Other third parties may save information to do with advertising.

Cookies can generally be allowed or disallowed using your browsers privacy controls.